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Originally posted by [ profile] thesoulofchaos at On the (late) seventh day of Christmas... true love gave to me, a rapidly approaching essay my postings will have to remain one day behind. Cupid's arrows, six open books, five punishments, four floods of tears, three portents of doom, two buried secrets and one outstretch hand.

Title: The Thief and the Shopkeeper
Fandom: Recettear
Rating: PG
Word Count: 484

If she wasn’t careful Tear would hear them. The fairy had ridiculously good hearing, and Recette could only imagine the way her business partner would react if she were to walk in on her now.

But her thoughts were disturbed as Charme’s lips found a sensitive part on her neck again and she could barely stifle the gasp that threatened to escape her. Warm breath enveloped her neck, with soft kisses peppered in between; and when Charme’s mouth returned to her own, Recette could taste the alcohol on the other woman’s tongue.

When they broke apart to catch their breath, the thief took the opportunity to back Recette into the counter and press her own body against her. Recette took a few deep breathes to settle her racing heart before Charme kissed her again, and this time her hands dropped to Recette’s waist and pulled her in close by the hips. Recette whimpered at the feeling, desperate to take Charme’s hands and guide them to exactly where she wanted them to be.

The sound of something hitting the floor of the room above them brought them to an abrupt stop, and they stood deathly still, listening for any further movement. As Charme’s breath tickled Recette’s ear, Recette struggled to avoiding shuddering beneath the other woman.

“Should prolly be going”, Charme whispered, the edges of her voice softened by alcohol, “Ain’t in the mood to be dealing with your fairy”. Recette wanted to protest, and she toyed momentarily with the idea of suggesting she accompany Charme to her house, but Tear always woke up before she did and having to explain where she had been…

“There’s always tomorrow”, Charme grinned and kissed Recette one final time before she disappeared out of the shop window and into the night.

Recette closed the shop window with a sigh and set the lock. She heard the flutter of wings before she had a chance to move and instead tried to settle her expression, hoping that her nightclothes weren’t too disheveled.

“Something happened?”, Tear bobbed into the room, expression all business as usual and Recette faked a yawn and rubbing her eyes.

“I thought I heard something, and there was a draft”, she slunk a little closer to the fairy, “Came down to check the windows”. Tear did a quick flit around the room and then stopped in front of Recette. Recette blushed as the fairy seemed to inspect her, and she stood under the scrutiny for a few seconds, trying not to squirm.

“Better get back to bed, busy day tomorrow”, and then Tear disappeared back up the stairs.

Recette let out a sigh of relief and followed her friend up the stairs. Tear had been complaining recently that she hadn’t seen any other fairies for a while - perhaps now was a good time to convince her that a vacation from the store would be a good idea.

Title: Diversion
Fandom: Watch Dogs
Rating: 12/15 for impliedness and language
Word Count: 436

There were some people on the planet who were truly vile. Aiden couldn’t keep the disgusted scowl from his face as he read the text that the man he was following had sent to one of his friends. The text that followed a few seconds later, this one to the young woman that this scum-bag was about to go and meet was enough to turn Aiden’s stomach with the dichotomy of their supposed intentions.

In most cases Aiden would let the people he was surveying meet before he decided whether to intervene, but he couldn’t allow himself that luxury this time. Joanne was expecting to get together and enjoy an evening of dinner and conversation with her boyfriend of just shy of a month. Richard had very different ideas for where the evening was headed.

Aiden took a sharp turn into a newspaper stand as Richard stopped abruptly and glanced over his shoulders. Aiden couldn’t work out whether he was just the paranoid type or whether Aiden’s own rage was making him careless. He bought a stick of gum from stand-owner and popped a piece in his mouth, chewing slowly and deliberately to calm himself as he continued his pursuit.

Aiden wondered for a moment if Richard was the same person the police were looking for in connection to attacks earlier in the year, four women had been assaulted so far and it was only luck of coincidence that had meant all four attacks had been disturbed.

‘That would certainly explain the paranoia’, Aiden mused, sliding between people in the crowd and keeping his attention on Richard. They had just over a block to go and then it would be too late to prevent the meeting. Of course he wasn’t about to let this animal go just because he actually made it to his meeting with Joanne - Richard might be terrible at what he did now, but too many opportunities and he would get better. Then someone would have to pay the consequences.
Richard seemed to hesitate at an alleyway and then change directions, and Aiden smiled to himself. Desperation and paranoia had made him take a shortcut.

Aiden glanced around one last time before he followed Richard into the alleyway. He closed in on foot before kicking out the back of Richard’s left knee - sending him tumbling into the rubbish-strewn concrete.

“What the fuck?”, Richard rolled over, face bursting with rage and Aiden grinned to himself, face concealed beneath his cap and the bandana across his mouth.

“Sorry Richard, but you’re gonna miss your date”, Aiden spat before he kicked him again.

Title: Self-worth
Fandom: Malory Towers
Rating: PG
Word Count: 331

Sally was quite certain that she was undeserving of love. Love was for those who were good and decent, and Sally knew deep down that she was neither of those things. Oh sure she put on a mask, a rather convincing one at that, and the others believed that she was just steady and sensible and rather dull, but she knew who she was at heart.

“Everyone deserves love Sal”, Darrell said in response to Sally’s, rather sulky, statement that perhaps some people were just destined to be alone. Sally couldn’t even remember how they had gotten onto the topic; it had started out so light hearted, their chat beneath the willow tree.

And Sally shook her head, keeping her head down as she toyed with the end of Darrell’s lace, her friend sat right beside her in the cool autumn air.

“Even the worst people in the world had someone who loved them once”, and Sally wasn’t sure if Darrell was right but she didn’t get a chance to protest because Darrell continued, “and you are far from the worst of people.”

Sally blushed at her transparency, “I wasn’t talking about me”, she muttered. But she knew Darrell didn’t believe her, and of course Darrell would think she was worthy. This was the girl who saw good in Alicia Johns of all people. It didn’t make her right though; even Sally’s parents, who were meant to love her unconditionally had sent her away when they’d seen that she was no good.

“Of course you weren’t”, Darrell replied, and Sally startled when a kiss was placed on her cheek.

“What was that for?”, Sally asked, glancing around for anyone who might have seen them.

Darrell just grinned and jumped to her feet as the bell for third session rung. Sally touched her cheek and shook her head with a smile before following her friend.

She still wasn’t convinced she deserved Darrell’s love, but she it seemed she had it all the same.

Title: Love Notes
Fandom: Left 4 Dead
Rating: 12 (15? I don't know how these ratings work if you hadn't guess, I just randomly input numbers)
Word Count: 779

“You find it hard to read stuff like this?”, Ellis asked and Rochelle lifted her head from where she lay on the table. It wasn’t comfortable and Nick had already informed her that she looked an awful lot like a corpse awaiting autopsy, but she’d been damned if she was lying on the floor.

“What’s that?”, and Ellis’s only response was to point at the words written on the wall in front of him. Rochelle sighed, overly dramatically if she were honest with herself, and swung herself around to get off the table. She glanced around the safe house, wondering where Coach and Nick had gotten to.

“They’s upstairs rootin’ through the bedrooms - just in case”, Ellis was facing her when she turned around and she couldn’t mistake the sheen across his eyes. Sometimes she forgot…no…they all forgot, just how young Ellis was. He should have been out trying to woo some young lady or young man - she’d never asked his preference - and not here with a shotgun slung around his shoulders, a face that had aged ten years over night and boots stained with blood and dirt. Of course, they should all be doing that, but Ellis just seemed too young to be here.

“What you reading that’s got you so pensive?”, Rochelle strode up alongside him, movement at the window causing her to tense for a moment before she reminded herself that they’d chosen this as a safe-house for more than one reason, the least of which was the solid bars that had been installed by the previous owner on damn near all the windows.

That was probably when the infection first broke out.

“Look here”, Ellis pointed again, and Rochelle followed his finger to the scrawls on the wall.

‘Georgia, I’ve gone on to the mall in the centre of town - they say we’ll be rescued. Meet me there, I’ll wait for you. David’ and then to the scribble below, ‘If you end up back here David, I’m moving onto the mall - they’re still choppering people out, I’ll find you’. There were a few jack-ass comments around them but Rochelle ignored those and shrugged her shoulders.

“Maybe they got out - seems like this was when the military were still rescuing people”

“I s’pose, it’s just sad that they…I hope you’re right”, Ellis sighed. Rochelle wanted to press him a little harder, find out what had prompted this melancholy, but Coach’s voice boomed from upstairs telling them to gear up. So instead she gave him a quick squeeze on the shoulder and turned around to collect up her gear.

She hadn’t thought about the exchange for days. It was hard to think of anything but survival when your life had become a slog from safe house to safe house, swinging weapons until your arms burned just to keep the undead at arm’s length. They had made it to the mall, but that hadn’t brought any respite. They had nearly lost coach when two spitters and a hunter had pinned them down on the escalators. Only Ellis’s quick reaction had saved the older man from having his throat torn out.

The security room inside the mall seemed about the only safe place to hold up in. So there they were. Exhausted, soaked in sweat and god knows what, and far beyond ready for this nightmare to end. Rochelle found herself left with Ellis once again, thankful for the silence, as Coach and Nick rounded up supplies from the storage room.

“Hey, would ya look at that”, Ellis commented as he pointed at the wall, and Rochelle opened her eyes to see what he was talking about. It was one of those stupid pieces of graffiti that love-sick teenagers drew on everything, where someone hearts someone else, this one was drawn for David and Georgia with the words “Reunited at last” written underneath.

“Yeah and?”, she groaned, closing her eyes again.

“They made it out didn’t they, look at the date”, Ellis nudged her again and she opened her eyes once more, “See, 12th October, they were still choppering people out of here then. She caught up with him here”. And Rochelle was about to open her mouth and remind him that they still had to get from here to the evacuation point, and even if they did get there no-one had any idea what the military were doing with these people they were claiming to be saving. But she looked across at him and saw the lines had lifted from his face, he looked twenty three again and like the whole damned world hadn’t gone to shit around him.

“You know what sweetie, I think you might be right”

Title: Myths and Legends
Fandom: Tomb Raider
Rating: G
Word Count: 279

If Lara had learnt anything over the years it was that no legendary artifact, weapon or tool should ever be dismissed as fable or myth. Rather more often than not, they tended to be real.

With all that said, she was reluctant to take up the bow and arrows that lay before, beautifully ornate and untouched by time. It was quite one thing to carry around a dagger that could transform you into a dragon, or an ancient Egyptian amulet that granted incredible strength.

It was quite another to carry around something that the legends said could change someone’s free will.

Lara wondered how many had used it - and for their own desires or for the sake of others? She couldn’t imagine what it must be like to lose control of your own most intimate thoughts, the things that should be untouched by anyone else. She ran her finger tips over the flats of the arrow heads. Just as legend told, there were gold tipped and silver tipped. She wondered if the silver ones had been used to break up marriages and that seemed just as awful. To turn around and despise the person you had loved most in all the world before someone had intervened.

Still, to leave it here would be to risk letting it fall into the hands of someone with less moral guidance than she. So Lara lay the leather canvas down on top of the weapon and carefully wrapped it up, making certain to securely pad out the arrow heads.

After all, the last thing she needed on the way to the extraction point was to fall in love with an undead Greek soldier.

Title: The Stuff of Legends
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: G
Word Count: 536
Note: A second attempt at the Harry Potter fandom for [ profile] sabethea, if anyone is out of character at all it’s because Lego characters don’t talk and they are my reference point.

“I’m pretty sure that’s real mate”, Ron didn’t even look up from his game of chess so there was no way he could have seen the way his comment had stopped Hermione and Harry’s conversation in it’s tracks. Nor could he have seen the shared look between the two, the excitement that one of the stories from their world might turn out to be true.

“Cupid’s real?”, Harry scooted his chair closer to Ron. The red-head didn’t answer for a while, seemingly fixated on where he was going to make his next move. Then all of a sudden he moved his knight forward and his attention was back on them.

“Dunno about him, probably not, but that bow you’re talking about is real”

“There is honestly a bow and arrow that has the power to create or destroy love?”, Hermione had moved along the sofa to sit right next to Ron, “I haven’t read about it”.

“Oh right, so it must not exist then”, Ron shot back and Harry hid the smirk that pulled at his lips by pretending to cover up a cough. He was pretty sure, from the glare that Hermione shot him, that he had done a poor job of it.

“You want to hear about this bow or what?”, Ron asked.

“Are we going to finish playing?”, Dean complained, “You always moan that I won’t play chess with you and the first time I do…”

“Rain check mate, I’d have beaten you in four moves anyway”, and Harry couldn’t look at Dean’s bewildered, and slightly offended, expression for more than a few seconds for fear he might laugh. Dean muttered something under his breath and moved across the common room to sit with Seamus.

“Anyway, my dad’s seen it. The reason you haven’t read much about it is because it’s locked away in the Ministry of Magic. Only about three people have even seen it in the last century”, Ron started to pack away the chess pieces, “They’re proper strict about the security on it”.

“Over a love potion on a stick?”, Harry scrunched his face up in disbelief but noticed that Hermione was nodding her agreement, as if she approved of the Ministry’s decision. To be fair she probably did.

“Well it makes sense - I mean if we assume that it’s as powerful as the stories that we heard as children”, Hermione said, “It would be like using the Imperius curse, except once the arrow had hit you wouldn’t need to maintain it.”

“Yeah, say you wanted to sneak someone into the Ministry of Magic - you’d just get the head of security to fall in love with them and the magic’s so strong they’ll do whatever you ask them to”, Ron had finished tidying away and rejoined the conversation, “There’s no limit, the first person you see after being hit with the arrow is the person you will be madly in love with forever. Don’t think they ever found a cure for it, s’why it’s locked up”.

The silence that fell after that was awkward and Harry eventually had to say something,

“So Ron…you know if anyone’s ever come across a box that no-one’s ever meant to open?”

Title: Meant to be unspoken
Fandom: Bully
Rating: PG
Word Count: 237

Jimmy had always though it would be awkward, if either of them were ever to say it. After all, if they said those words out-loud then that would kind of be like admitting that this whole thing was real. That even if it wasn’t obvious - and god knows it wasn’t even obvious to them - there was something there between Jimmy’s silent one armed hugs that went on a bit too long and Pete’s shy glances that he thought Jimmy couldn’t see.

Jimmy wasn’t quite sure what it was, and he wasn’t sure he was meant to. He was only sixteen for god’s sake and he didn’t really know who he was yet, let alone what anyone else was to him. That’s why they hadn’t said anything, that’s why he’d hoped it would stay that way.

He could tell that Pete hadn’t meant to say it, that it had just slipped from his lips, eased on by tiredness as they sat on the beach watching the sun rise. When Jimmy looked up again, Pete’s cheeks was turning red in front of him and there was a glassiness to his eyes that damn near broke Jimmy’s heart.

So Jimmy hadn’t meant to say it either, but he couldn’t leave Pete in that state. So he slung one arm around Pete’s shoulder and pulled him back to lie on the sand,

“Come here you dork, I love you too”
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Originally posted by [ profile] thesoulofchaos at On the (late) sixth day of Christmas... true love gave to me six open books, five punishments, four floods of tears, three portents of doom, two buried secrets and one outstretched hand.

Title: Storytime
Fandom: Papo & Yo
Rating: PG
Word Count: 319

The skin tore from Quico’s knees as he fell through his bedroom door and in front of his bed. He scrambled forward and underneath his bed; his heart pounded against his chest as his backpack got caught on the bed frame and he wriggled frantically to take it off and drag it under the bed with him.

He recoiled against the chill of the wall, half-peeled paintwork scraped against his bare arms and he could taste the damp as he struggled to control his breathing. Footsteps thundered on the stairs and his father bellowed his name.
His bedroom door clattered open and he watched his father’s feet stagger in the doorway. Quico held his breath and prayed that his father was too drunk to even think of searching the room. As seconds seemed to drag by, the universe answered his prayers for once and his father turned unsteadily on his feet and teetered back out of the room.

Quico’s chest screamed in relief as he let out the breath he had been holding, but he lay still for another five minutes. Convinced his father had returned to the front room, Quico maneuvered his school bag around to the front of him and slid out the novel they were studying.

The other children in his class hated their reading assignment - they probably had more exciting books at home to read. All of Quico’s books, the few that his mother had bought him, had gone on the fire the previous winter. He had mustered up the courage to protest their burning, and had been given a sharp backhand for his troubles.

As he lost himself in the words on the page, Quico transported himself to another life. Even as the sun began to set and the light diminished, as he squinted and strained his eyes to read, and his body ached from hours against the wooden floor; Quico read on.

Title: No fairytale
Fandom: Bomb Girls
Rating: PG
Word Count: 263

Kate ran her fingers along the spines of her books and sighed. She couldn’t afford new books, and she’d read these all thrice over. She’d never been given free reign on what she could read, not under her father’s roof, but now she could scour book stores and markets and take home whatever took her fancy. Or at least when her funds allowed her.

She wondered if any of the other girls had books she could borrow. Vera probably had some hideously trashy romance stories that were just risque enough that Kate’s strict Catholic upbringing would prevent her from finishing them - no matter how much she secretly might want to. Gladys probably had a library of her own at her parents’ house - most of them unread, which was practically a crime in Kate’s mind.

Kate’s lips twisted into a smile as she wondered whether Betty would have any books. She shook her head and chuckled to herself. She probably did, just didn’t want anyone to know that she curled up with a book at night. Kate was wondering whether Betty hid her books under her bed, when a darker thought crossed her mind and she felt guilty for making fun of her friend, even if it were in her own head.

Kate’s imagination conjured up images of Betty, younger and confused by her feelings, finding books that might help her find closure and having to hide those books because if anyone found them… Kate shook her head and decided to risk the embarrassment of going to ask Vera for a book to read.

Title: Torn Apart
Fandom: Elementary
Rating: G
Word Count: 380
Note: Spoilers for Season 2 Episodes 21, 22, and 23. A slight alternative to what happened in the show.

This couldn't have happened.

He should never have let this happen. He was her friend. He was meant to protect her.

Sherlock paced his front room, his hands clenching and grasping at thin air as he struggled. Struggled to think about all the possibilities, the facts, the statistics. Watson was gone, and it was his fault. If he had only swallowed his pride, agreed to accompany her to meet with Mycroft. If he had valued her more. If he...

If he had just been her friend.

Sherlock grabbed the nearest object, a side-table and threw it, not caring where it landed. The legs shattered when it hit the wall, leaving a dent in the otherwise pristine decor of the room. It didn't make him feel any better. His blood raged with guilt and fury, and he stormed over to the book case, climbed the ladder and retrieved the book from the top shelf. Once he had descended again, he threw the book open on the nearest table and stared at it.

At the cut out in the pages.

At the bag of heroin.

He could feel the pull - which he knew was ridiculous because it was a bag of drugs, nothing more. He wanted to reach out and touch it but he knew that if he did...

If he did they wouldn't get her back.

She had made him the man he was today, and even if he didn't tell her often enough, she had saved him. He owed her more than he could ever repay, and to take up that bag now would be to spit on everything she had done for him.

He grabbed the book and stormed out of the front room, up the stairs two at a time, and came to a halt in the bathroom.

He couldn't remember how long he stood there, fingers whitened by the tightness of his grip on the book, but that didn't matter. What mattered was that eventually he held the book over the toilet, turned it over, and let the bag fall out. Before he could freeze again, he flush it and walked away.

He made it to the landing before he fell to his knees.

They had to get her back.

He had to get her back.

Title: Study Night
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rating: PG
Word Count: 525

“I just don’t see why…”

“…the slayer should have to kill the bad guys, save the world, rescue the damsel, and do homework as well”, Willow finished for her and Buffy couldn’t help but smile,

“Guess I use that one a bit too often?” Willow just gave her one of those looks - the despairing, sexy librarian looks. Not that Buffy named Willow’s looks. And especially not as sexy.

“It’ll get easier once you get started - it’s just an analysis piece, what you think the author was saying”

“I know what the author was saying, he wrote it down, it’s there”, Buffy waved her hand over the open page, “That’s it, end of homework, want to get popcorn?”, she pushed herself up onto her hands and knees and started to get off the bed where they were studying.

“I’m serious Buffy”, and now Willow looked a little bit hurt and that was a Willow look that Buffy couldn’t deal with, so she settled back down and read over the poem again, and again. Then finally she rolled onto her back and covered her face with her hands.

“I don’t know Will, I just…why wouldn’t the author just say what they wanted to say?”, Buffy groaned, “See me, I don’t see the point in beating around the bush. Just get right in there and say what you’re thinking”. She felt the mattress raise and then dip again as Willow moved, and a quick peek from behind her hands placed Willow sat cross legged beside her.

“It’s not always so easy though”, and Willow didn’t sound so Willowy anymore, and Buffy lowered her hands, “Sometimes what you really want to say might get you hurt, or expose you too much, leave you open to pain or criticism, so you hide it, code it in writing and words”. Buffy shifted up onto her elbows and tried to read Willow’s face, but her red-headed friend was stubbornly focused on the anthology on the bed.

“Sometimes…”, Willow continued, “We just don’t ever get to say what we really want to say”.

“Hey…”, and Buffy balanced herself so she could reach out and grab Willow’s hand, “you need me to do something for you? Can I help?” Willow finally looked at her, but Buffy couldn’t work out what she was thinking, so they just stayed there for a while, until Willow shook her head,

“It’s fine. You can shift your butt around and do your homework though since I’m giving up my precious Thursday night to help you”, and Buffy chuckled at her words as she maneuvered herself back around to pick up her notepad.

“You love it, how could your evening possible be better than spending it with me?”, Buffy teased, and then switched to a more serious tone, “You know you can tell me anything right Will?”.

“I know”, Willow nodded, but her eyes didn’t quite agree with her words, and Buffy wasn’t sure if there was anything she could really do about that.

Monsters and ends of the world, now those she could deal with. Books and emotions, might as well have been all Latin to her.

Title: Books and Memories
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: G
Word Count: 357
Note: Per [ profile] sabethea’s request that I attempt a Harry Potter fic when my knowledge of the fandom comes from 12daysofchristmas/40fandoms and TellTale Lego games.

Professor Remus Lupin stopped on his way towards his classroom and looked across at the sight unfolding across the courtyard. Ron Weasley was sat up on one of the tables, and from the look on his face, and the exasperation on Hermione Granger’s face, he was clearly trying to get her to give up on her reading. Of course, Harry Potter was close by, although he didn’t seem to be involved in the press-ganging. Remus shook his head with a wry smile and continued on his way.

His friends had loved to tease him too, especially if they found him tucked up in the common room with a book in his lap when they came in sweating and covered in mud from Quidditch training. Sirius would snatch the book out of his hands and put on this squinted expression of disdain before throwing it back into his lap and announcing that he was going to take a shower.

James was a lot more subtle. He would ask Remus if he were alright, up in the common room by himself, under the guise of checking that he hadn’t felt pushed aside or left out. Remus suspected he just found it as hard to believe as Sirius, that anyone would want to spend their afternoon reading. Then James would follow Sirius, and once more Remus had peace and quiet.

He couldn’t have expected them to understand the appeal of books for him - the ability to lose oneself in a tale and travel through time and space to experience something as someone, anyone, else. Even if it were only for a short while. He couldn’t blame them for that, they had done the best they could to understand him and for that he was eternally grateful. But it didn’t stop him wishing that he could just be something other than what he was.

He clenched his jaw as he caught himself, drifting off into memories of his school friends. He didn’t allow himself to do that anymore; what good could come from it when two were dead and a third locked up?

No book could take him away from that.

T itle: W hen you read to me
Fandom: Bully
Rating: PG
Word Count: 374

It was one of those things that just no-one knew about him. Although, to be fair, those things could practically fill a book. Everyone thought Jimmy Hopkins was so simple to work out, a little thug with too much time and not enough discipline. Sometimes it was easier to just let them think that.

Pete had found out, and of course he bloody had, and Jimmy had tried to push him away because that’s what he did. It was humiliating and if Pete had told anyone then Jimmy would have been the laughing stock of the school. Except, Pete didn’t tell anyone and Jimmy had never really thought her would. Mostly he was just embarrassed that Pete knew.

They hadn’t really spoken about it. Pete just found him one day, in the corner of the library, with his fists clenched and pressed hard into the top of the desk and turning white at the knuckles as he struggled over the book in front of him. Pete hadn’t asked any questions, he just sat down next to Jimmy, and waited in silence for a while. Jimmy’s face had gone hot as the words began to sway again and everything he had just spent the last ten minutes ramming into his brain went straight back out of it. Then Pete had pulled his own copy of the book out of his rucksack and put his English book on the table beside Jimmy’s.

“Look at the descriptions used in the first three paragraphs, what do you think the reader is meant to feel about the protagonist”, Pete had read off the question and then proceeded to read the first three paragraphs aloud. It was clumsy and unsubtle, and Jimmy knew damn well what he was trying to do, and he wanted to be angry or feel patronised but this was Pete and he was just trying to help.

So Jimmy let him read and then found an answer rolling off his tongue after Pete finished, and from there it just kind of worked.

So they did it again, every damn week in that same corner of the library where no-one would bother them. Pete read and they discussed, and Jimmy didn’t feel so stupid anymore.
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Originally posted by [ profile] thesoulofchaos at Fandoms 10 - 19
I have 14 days to write 21 things. That seems....manageable? I have also now given up on summaries, and the font has screwed up halfway through this because OpenOffice is having a hissy fit.

Title: Bunsen Burner
Fandom: Bully
Rating: PG-13 (language?)

Bunsen Burner )

Title: Endless Loop
Fandom: The Binding of Isaac
Rating: PG-13

Endless Loop )

Title: Hearing Things
Fandom: Afro Samurai
Rating: G

Hearing Things )

Title: Goodbyes
Fandom: Malory Towers
Rating: G

Goodbyes )

Title: So impossible it might be right
Fandom: Warehouse 13
Rating: G

So impossible it might be right. )

Title: Bloodstains
Fandom: Cold Case
Rating: PG-13

Bloodstains )

Title: Choices
Fandom: Resident Evil
Rating: PG

Choices )

Title: Questioning the Timeline
Fandom: Primeval
Rating: PG

Questioning the Timeline )

Title: Bird-brained
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Rating: PG

Bird-brained )

Title: Civilian Life
Fandom: Gears of War
Rating: PG-13

Civilian Life )
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Malory Towers
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Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
1 )

Mass Effect series
1 )

Necessary Roughness
1 )

2 )

Papo & Yo
1 )

Person of Interest
4 )

1 )

Pretty Little Liars
1 )

2 )

Prince of Persia
1 )

Remember Me
1 )

Resident Evil series
1 )

Ripper Street
1 )

Rizzoli and Isles
1 )

The Saboteur
1 )

Silent Hill
1 )

Sleeping Dogs
1 )

Sons of Anarchy
1 )

Tomb Raider
1 )

Waking the Dead
1 )

Warehouse 13
1 )

Women's Murder Club
1 )
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On the twelfth day of Christmas...
twelve tries to let go, eleven unknowns, ten people listening, nine revealed secrets, eight busy bees, seven treasure chests, six unusual readings, five tall towers, four meals of note, three delightful sights, two locked doors, and the beginning of a journey.
And a case of complete exhaustion.

Fandom: The Hobbit
Rating: PG

Enthralled )

Fandom: Elementary
Rating: PG-13

Addiction )

Fandom: Assassins Creed
Rating: PG

Escape )

Fandom: Malory Towers
Rating: PG-13

Guilt )

Fandom: Portal

Rating: PG-13

For [ profile] versipellis, hope you enjoy.

Companion )

Fandom: Bully

Rating: PG

Past pain )

Fandom: Malory Towers

Rating: PG

Jealousy )

Fandom: Bioshock

Rating: PG-13

Control )

Fandom: Assassins Creed

Rating: PG

Values )

Fandom: Gears of War

Rating: PG

Promises )

Fandom: Final Fantasy 13

Rating: PG

Little sister )

Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Rating: PG

Leaving )

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On the seventh day of Christmas...
seven treasure chests, six unusual readings, five tall towers, four meals of note, three delightful sights, two locked doors, and the beginning of a journey.

Fandom: Bully
Rating: PG

Pirates )

Fandom: Borderlands
Rating: PG-13

Looting )

Fandom: The Hobbit
Rating: PG

The call of gold )

Fandom: Waking the Dead
Rating: PG

Belongings )

Fandom: Prince of Persia
Rating: PG

Cursed )

Fandom: Malory Towers
Rating: PG

Dig )

Fandom: Tomb Raider
Rating: PG

Thrill-seeker )

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I need something to entertain me - nicked off of [ profile] versipellis as an added bonus fun time, I decided to use only video game characters.

Choose your 12 characters BEFORE looking at the questions, then look at the questions and answer each one. Bonus points awarded for writing a fic based on one of the AUs you have created
(This can work better with mixed fandoms, but using one is fine too.)

1) Ezio Auditore (Assassin's Creed series)
2) Liara T'Soni (Mass Effect)
3) Cole Trains (Gears of War series)
4) Jimmy Hopkins (Bully/Canis Canem Edit)
5) Yuffie Kisigari (Final Fantasy VII)
6) Nathan Drake (Uncharted series)
7) Zell Dincht (Final Fantasy VIII)
8) Claptrap (Borderlands)
9) Rochelle (Left 4 Dead 2)
10) Jill Valentine (Resident Evil series)
11) Lara Croft (Tomb Raider series)
12) Prince (Prince of Persia)

Click )
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Fandom:  Malory Towers
Rating: PG

Something more )

Fandom: Primeval
Rating: PG
Summary: All Nick wants is Claudia Brown.

Change the course of history )

Fandom: Resident Evil
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sherry is sure it's more than a crush.

Growing Up )

Fandom: Elementary
Rating: G
Summary: Moriarty considers the perpetrator of her downfall.

Contemplation )

Fandom: Cold Case
Rating: PG
Summary: Lilly is never really sure whether what she sees some days is real...

Seeing things )

Fandom: Bully (Canis Canem Edit)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Gary tries to remind Pete of what he will never have.

Taunts )

Fandom: Bully (Canis Canem Edit)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Because Jimmy was once a kid, dreaming of his place in the world

Stars )

Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Rating: G
Summary: Zell wonders if anyone else has this problem

Memory Block )

Fandom: Binary Domain
Rating: 15
Summary: They walk among us...

Humanity )

Fandom: Primeval
Rating: G
Summary: Sarah could just take a peek...

Seeing the Future )

Fandom: Malory Towers
Rating: PG
Summary: Alicia thought she saw something...

A brief glimpse )

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On the second day of Christmas...
...Two people learning
and one night in a tent.

Fandom: Bully (Canis Canem Edit)
Rating: PG.
Summary: Jimmy passes on some life skills...

Breaking and Entering )

Fandom: Assassins Creed II
Rating: PG.
Summary: Ezio has learnt a great many things...

The Teachings of Florence )
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12 Days of Christmas - Day 1
One Night in a Tent

Bully (video-game) - Jimmy/Pete

"I shoulda listened to you", Jimmy grunted. Even against the night's silence, Pete had barely heard him so it was easy to pretend that he hadn't. Another beat...two...of silence.

"I'm sorry Pete", Jimmy's voice was louder this time, "you were right and I didn't listen." Pete finally relented and rolled onto his back to stare up at the material roof covering them for the night.

"It's ok", he replied, trying to force a sullen tone into his voice but only managing his usual gentle tones.

"Nah it ain't", Jimmy yawned, shifting uncomfortably, "but you ain't so forgiving in the morning". Pete smirked and granted Jimmy a bemused sideways glance, feeling a smile tug at his lips at the sight of Jimmy's usually crew-cut ginger hair starting to grow longer than its owner would prefer.

"Can't say this is the way I anticipated spending the night but...are you sure none of your hideouts or clubhouses are safe?". Jimmy shook his head and folded his arms behind his head in a pillow,

"Nah..Gary really ramped up the hate on Jimmy brigade this time. Sorry you got caught in this bullshit Petey". Pete glanced over again, from Gary that nickname would sound patronising, mocking... But from Jimmy, who had put the only pillow down by Pete's sleeping bag without so much as a mutter of doing so, it was...just not.

"Even if we weren't friends Gary would find some way to drag me into this mess", Pete replied, rolling back onto his side, "Night Jimmy". There was another moment of silence before Jimmy uttered a muffled goodnight back.

Crappy tent or not, Pete slept well that night.
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Well I managed to irritate my back injury today and I'm now tabletted up and really not in the mood for doing work before going to bed, soooo....more prompts.

Funeral )

Puppy Love )

Gloves )


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