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Okay, so yesterday I finished the Chinese writing on my bass, and today I applied the first coat of lacquer tomorrow I'll do more coats and hopefully, by Tuesday I'll be wiring the electronics into this sexy little bass.
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So today...the weather was a bit crap and as such I didn't get as much done as I'd like to have. I finished the first coat of paint, tomorrow I'll sand it down and apply the next coat. I took the time today to sort out the writing I want to put on my bass in Chinese. They are going to be fiddley to apply...
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Okay, so I forgot to post last night but here's the update. The body has been sanded to smooth out the epoxy, a second coat of varnish was applied to the neck. Spray lacquer was ordered in preperation for finishing the bass. The body has been undercoated and I'm now just waiting for it to dry so I can sand it with fine sand paper and then apply the first spray coat.
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Okay, so sanding has been a pain in the ass. However, I did locate my step-dads detail sander, equipped it up with the coarsest sandpaper that was supplied and set myself loose upon my bass. So now my bass is nearly all sanded, save for the bits following the curve of the horns where I can't get a detail sander it. I'll be doing that by hand tomorrow.

If my epoxy turns up tomorrow I will also finish the fretboard and sort out the dents and scratches on the body.
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After scrapping my original idea of sanding down my old bass and repainting it I decided to purchase a bass body and neck off eBay, sand that down, defret it and repaint it. So I bought everything I needed off eBay:

Body and Neck: £24
Loaded Scratchplate: £20
Machine Heads: £9
Bridge: £5

TOTAL: £58

So it arrived on Tuesday and I started ripping it apart about an hour after it arrived. I masking taped the fretboard, and then, one by one, heated each fret up with an iron, used a screwdriver to gently pry the frets up and then used some pliers to pull them out. (I'll upload pictures later, I did take them along the way). After that I sanded down all the rough edges and used a craft knife to clean out the fret holes.

As my Epoxy filler hasn't arrived, I spent today sanding down the hand. It's a laborious job but I'll get there eventually.

Update you tomorrow.


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