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Enid Blyton wasn't really all that consistent and it's giving me a headache to work out some things to write more MT fanfiction, notes people, notes. Make notes and refer back to them, it helps! Seriously...where did some of the characters vanish to? Off the face of the planet?! Violet, Emily, The Twins, Catherine. Madness, sheer madness. Also...if there are 10 girls per dorm...where did the rest of the characters sleep? We're given the impression that all the girls are in the same dorm but apart from book one, there are more than 10 girls from the form regularly referred to. The exception to this is the sixth form where there are apparently at least two dorms...

Onto Waking the Dead, seriously, is the first lesson that Detectives get taught "How to break into any building with a credit card/lock pick/paper clip/other random piece of metal"? Mel, Spencer, Stella... I do love the way the other characters turn around so if it's ever brought up they could turn around and say "Didn't see anything, guv". Also...the guy who played Thomas Rice did a great job, I wanted to smack his smug little face every second he appeared in that episode.

Oh and finally, I have decided that a good "theme song" for the Darrell/Sally 'ship is "The Murmurs - Untouchable"
Oh...and "Skid Row - Youth Gone Wild", is pretty much Alicia.

Hmmm...I think that's my rambling over with for now...

Dialogue 2

Jul. 3rd, 2008 07:33 pm
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    Ethan smoothed out the table cloth in front of him and waited for Lawrence to return from the Gents. He straightened up the cutlery and sat back in his chair. His date returned shortly after.
   “The toilets in this place are disgraceful”, Lawrence commented as he sat back down at the table.
   “I thought they were quite good, I’ve been in a lot worse”, Ethan’s mind drifted to some horrendous public bathrooms he’d make the mistake of entering before.
   “Well…I can’t say I have”, Lawrence replied, lifting the menu to look at it, “Shall we order?”. Ethan already knew what he was going to eat, and drink for that matter but humoured his date by looking at the menu. Lawrence finally decided and set his menu down.
   “Are you gentlemen ready to order?”, a very tall waiter appeared at Lawrence’s side.
   “Yes…I will have the Carne Adovada with a glass of today’s recommended wine”, Lawrence ordered. The waiter nodded and turned his eyes to Ethan.
   “I’ll have the Tortellini alla Panna, and a glass of vodka on the rocks with lime”, Ethan replied, the waiter wrote more down and then headed back towards the kitchen.
   “Vodka? That’s a bit night-clubby isn’t it? Bit adolescent”, Lawrence smirked.
   “Maybe, but it’s my vice of choice”, Ethan replied. The awkward silence that followed was broken by a question,
   “So where is it around here you live?”, Lawrence asked.
   “Oh about fifteen minutes away, down Firth Street”, Ethan replied, glad the silence had been broken.
   “What do you mean oh?”.
   “Well…that street’s…well you know, that area is very gay”.
   “In case you haven’t noticed Lawrence…I am gay…and I’m assuming you are too?”. Another uncomfortable silence followed.
   “Well…”, Lawrence pondered his words, “I’m not that sort of gay…not camp like that that”.
   “Are you implying I am?”, Ethan asked, raising an eyebrow.
   “No, no not at all”, Lawrence replied, “So what is it you do?”.
   “I’m a nurse at the hospital just down the road, this is the first night off in weeks I’ve not been too tired to enjoy, yourself?”, as he finished speaking the waiter returned with their drinks, but Lawrence’s smirk at the word nurse did not go unnoticed by Ethan. He took a sharp drink of his vodka and waited for Lawrence to reply,
   “I’m the assistant manager at Kirkson Estate Agents, perhaps not as…stressful”, there was that smirk again, “as your job but it has its moments”,
   “Must be making reasonable money there”, Ethan commented, hoping a compliment might sooth Lawrence’s words.
   “I do alright…I suppose nurses are still fighting for a wage worth talking about aren’t they?”, obviously not. Ethan dug his hand into his pocket and took a Lucky Strike out of his cigarette packet,
   “I’m just stepping out to smoke before our meal arrives, would you care for one?”, Ethan asked politely.
   “Certainly not, wouldn’t dream of touching the things. I shall wait here”, Lawrence replied. Ethan headed towards the door,
   “Now there’s a surprise”, he muttered sarcastically.
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It's been a while since my last post, I've been caught up with Uni work and recording music, which hasn't left a hell of a lot of creativity time. So I've been struggling to write anything which I actually like.

My friend Alice recorded an acoustic cover of Pendulum - Hold Your Colour today. I kid you not. Check it out at:

I might post some fiction later if I find my muse at some point, we'll see I guess.


*Don't Stop Believin'*


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